Free full version games; only the best offerings!

We have found lots of great free full version games only available for download. There are so many top notch websites out there offering some fantastic full titles, it would be rude to not take advantage of such offerings.

Here are two of the best:

1. F.E.A.R Combat: Believe it or not one of the most acclaimed first person shooter series is giving away the entire multiplayer portion of the game free. Yes free, no strings attached just 100% of the multiplayer game for nothing!

F.E.A.R's multiplayer is very highly rated and still has a large following of dedicated players. It is a standard first person shooter style affair but they have managed to make it a really solid experience. The only thing that kills multipayer FPS titles is the when they lack a level of joy. If it doesn't feel good when you shoot, if the game mechanics are clunky and if there are a million exploits being abused.

The good news is that F.E.A.R doesn't suffer from any of these problems and is well worth checking out. All you have to do is download (projectorigin.warnerbros.com) the game file and register. You will be sent an email with your CD key and that's it, let the free gaming begin!

2. Halo Zero: There are already lots of really amazing Halo games available so why would you want more? Well, you can never have enough Halo really and it's free.

This time the chief is a little... well... flatter! It may take The Chief a a brief adjustment period as he takes on the Covenant in this 2D side scrolling shoot 'em up. You will have all the weapons you have come to know and love so suit up and get blasting!

This is a fantastic little game to satisfy that Halo need until we see the next instalment in the series. Hit up the CNet (cnet.com) website and check out Halo Zero.

With so many free full version games only a click away, there is never an excuse to not be gaming.


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