Free e-books!

We love our Amazon Kindle and, more generally, we like the Kindle as a thing. It's small, light, and got us reading books again, which we can't say about our bloomin' netbook. But! Books for it are rather expensive. Not as expensive as real books, true, but we never buy those new - we're more in the '£0.01 plus P&P from Amazon marketplace, don't mind if we do' camp. If only there was some way you could borrow e-books? Like, from a library?

Well, now you can! Er, if you're in the US, but we're reasonably confident this one'll come to the UK soon enough. It's been possible for Kindle users to lend books to each other for some time, and services like Lendle attempt to increase the choice by co-coordinating lending on the web. But now, 11,000 US libraries are to offer Kindle lending. You order the book on your library's website, and it's magically associated with your Amazon account for a loan. Libraries can choose the length of the loan, too, which is pretty cool.

We'd love to tell you this is coming to the UK soon, and we reckon it will be, but there's no official word yet. (Whether there'll still be any libraries when it does come here, of course, is another question.)

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