Looking for free downloadable games for Windows 7?

We've all been there. You've got a craving for gaming but all there is in your wallet is moths, and you've crossed the the street for months just to avoid bumping into your bank manager. Never fear! There's a wealth of free downloadable games for Windows 7 just begging for the attention of a cash-strapped gamer!

Take the Marathon trilogy for example. Before Bungie achieved worldwide fame with the Halo franchise, the studio worked on the excellent Marathon trilogy. A trailblazing first person shooter set aboard a spaceship orbiting a distant star system, the Marathon trilogy won Bungie a devoted fanbase that have stuck with them since. In 2005, as a way to say thank you to the community of fans that have always supported them, Bungie released the Marathon trilogy for free download online (with the support of fan developers that optimised the game for use with Windows). Widely considered the spiritual successor to Halo, Marathon is a must play for any gamer with a interest in video game history, or even with an interest in playing a fun first person shooter with a complex engaging story. Check out trilogyrelease.bungie.org for more details.

If you're looking free downloadable games for Windows 7 that have a deeper level of strategy than shooting aliens in the face, then  FreeCiv might be for you. This free and open source game is inspired by the civilisation board game, and has been in development since way back in 1995 and continues to be updated and improved to this day! The game should be familiar to any player of the civilisation games already on the market, and allows for in-depth modifications of the games ruleset, which promises to make the experience of playing infinitely customizable. FreeCiv is available for download right now at freeciv.wikia.com.


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