We investigate free computers for senior citizens

Are you a senior citizen looking to unlock the secrets of the internet? If the digital revolution has passed you by so far, there's no need to worry, it's easy to get yourself set up online and before you know it you'll be sending friend requests on Facebook and replying to emails!

More and more seniors are discovering the joys of the internet. It's the perfect tool for researching family histories, listening to old songs on Youtube, Making Skype phone calls to relatives around the world, and even catching up with old friends via email.

More and more libraries are offering free internet services, so even if you don't have a computer yourself they have plenty of free computers senior citizens that you can use. Helpfully, most libraries also seem to run regular classes for seniors to get you up to speed on the workings of computers.

These classes take you through the basics of using Microsoft's Office packages, sending emails, and even how to stay safe online without falling prey to identity theft. All you have to do is check your library regularly to see when they are running these classes, and they are usually free to sign up for!

So check out your library today and see if they can help you get online. It's a great way to get out of the house, meet new people, and pick up a new skill that will become more and more helpful to you as you realise the treasure trove of information you'll find online!

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