Choosing free antivirus software

Are you one of those people who snap up free online offers and never thinks about the free download being infected with a virus? Many offers for free antivirus software are truly legitimate and yet there are many free online downloads ready and able to infect your computer with a virus. Learn how to select free antivirus programs safely.

Free antivirus software

Many people get so excited about the thought of downloading free antivirus software that they forget to consider safety. The Internet offers many wonderful opportunities, but you have to be careful where you choose to download free software. Ironically, antivirus software used to protect your computer can be tagged with a virus to infect your computer after downloading. Use these tips for finding reliable antivirus software.

Finding reputable software

Do not be fooled by unknown software brands promising you everything. Of course, some unknown brands may be perfectly good antivirus checkers. However, in many instances these may not be good products or be packing a virus of their own.

Visit well-known software manufacture sites such as AVG, Microsoft, Norton, Avast and McAfee. Often these sites carry free introductory antivirus software and they would not risk their reputation by offering poorly made or infected software products.

Pop-ups and advertisements

After beginning your search for free antivirus products, you may encounter several pop-ups or advertisements for free antivirus. Avoid the temptation to click these offers. These offers are often disguised as reputable companies, but often carry a download virus.

Software download bundles

Look for high quality antivirus checkers. Many downloads bundle several types of software together including antivirus checkers. These checkers are often included as a bundle because they are inferior quality and should be avoided.

Check quality

Even though you are looking for free antivirus software you still need to compare products carefully.

Make sure the product does not require too much valuable hard drive space and has a good reputation. Check review sites online to get public opinion about products you are considering.

Compare the paid version of antivirus software to the free version for download to see the difference between the two offers.

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