Recently Panorama produced a documentary about games addiction that has caused much discussion in the world of gaming. Ostensibly about the effects of addiction to video games (although how it’s any different to any sort of addiction is beyond us), Addicted To Gaming portrayed gamers who had thrown away part of their lives to their hobby, and was supposed to be a serious study of the issue.

However, it turns out that Panorama might not have been as rigorous as they first claimed. Trent Pyro, who is a friend of Joe Stanley, a gamer who featured in the show, has claimed that the documentary makers misrepresented what he said, and selectively quoted him to make his words fit their agenda. ‘I believe this was because most of what I said did not support or even entertain their exaggerated view of games addiction and its causes,’ said Pyro, who we can only assume was writing under an assumed name. Not only that though, but the programme misrepresented several facts about their subject that didn’t fit in with their editorial angle.

‘Firstly, Joe was thrown out of university because he was failing and he couldn't afford to keep going,’ he wrote. ‘He did not drop out, as ATG explicitly tried to imply, because of playing games. He became disinterested and disenfranchised with his course and therefore had no drive to go.

‘While much of the money he spent to get him into the 'crippling debt' ATG was so happy to impress was in fact spent on games, the actual debt was more a result of Joe not being very good with money.

‘Sure, he bought a few more games than he should have considering his budget, but I know of numerous occasions where he was confident he could afford the expenditure but in fact couldn't. So the debt was more a result of Joe's bad budgeting skills than an addiction to gaming.’

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