Foursquare wants to tell you where to go

Hey, remember Foursquare? For a couple of months last year it seemed like the location check-in service might just be the next big thing. Then Facebook launched places, and we found we'd rather check in somewhere our friends would actually see than on a random website. And gradually people realised that, once you'd accepted you'd never be 'mayor' of your favourite kebab shop, there didn't actually seem to be much point in taking the time to check in.

Until now. For Foursquare has just recieved a major update, and for the first time we think it may really have a reason to exist.

The reason? Recommendations. The new version of Foursquare for Android and iPhone, which have just been released, add a new 'explore' tab which provides personalised recommendations for bars, restaurants, galleries, shops and more things it thinks you'll like. They're informed by your previous check-ins and those of other people. And, apparently, they're pretty good! 'This update is genius,' one twitterer reckons.

So hit up the App Store or Android Market, and check it out - you might actually get something out of using Foursquare other than a vague sense of unease at telling the world your whereabouts.

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