FourSquare goes to the dogs

Slowly, the boundaries between the virtual world of social networking and the real world of things and places is getting more porous - and it's advertising that's leading the way. Last year, we told you about the terrifying summer camp where kids 'swiped specially-distributed wristbands to 'like' rides and services on Facebook. And now the Germans are getting in on the act - in a marvellously bizarre way.

A billboard has been set up for a popular dog food brand, GranataPet. It invites passers-by to check in on the location service FourSquare to show that they're standing by the advert. And if they do... the advert dispenses them some free dog food!

As Mashable points out, 'The problem with food ads is that you can only see the product, but you can’t smell or taste it.' So this is a sensible idea except for one thing - it's dog food! So humans won't be able to do anything with the disgusting muck except stare gormlessly at it, and dogs will just lap it up unthinkingly the way they do, god bless their faithful, idiotic hearts.

Besides, how many dogs do you know with iPhones?

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