Four pounds of fun

We admit it - we don't play as many games as we used to. When we were kids, we always got games for Christmas and birthdays, and now that our parents don't buy us birthday presents any more (apparently we're too old), we can hardly ever afford to drop £40 or more on a new game.

So we're very excited about the increasing quality of iPhone games. And when we saw Infinity Blade for the first time a few weeks ago, we thought it was just about the most exciting thing we'd seen. But, we worried, what would it cost? Would this be the game to push iPhone gaming into the £20+ range?

Ah, we needn't have worried. It turns out Infinity Blade is going to cost just £3.99 when it's released on 9 December. We have heard the one-player mode only offers about 30 minutes' gameplay, but then there'll still be Game Center multiplayer to keep you occupied.

In short, it looks like a must buy. What will you ask for for Christmas now?!

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