Forget Tibet, free Chinese YouTube!

Cubicle dwellers the world over keep themselves entertained with the latest viral videos. While we’re chuckling over Tom Cruise’s latest Scientology vids, the Chinese are laughing about a press conference where a TV sports anchor seized the microphone to rant about her husband’s affair and the declining state of Chinese moral values – in front of her husband.

It seems that the Chinese government doesn’t get the joke. They’ve now mandated that by the end of the year only sites under government control can post videos and any sites that don’t live up to the “socialist moral code” face the axe. As do the people running them, literally…

This got us thinking that this could be a great way to get youngsters interested in politics. After all, wouldn’t you vote to protect your right to watch the Crazy Frog?

(Image: from Yoshimai’s flickr stream)

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