Forever is (almost) now

We can hardly believe we're writing these words, but we are: Duke Nukem Forever has 'gone gold'.

Gone what now? In gamespeak, 'gone gold' means 'gone physical' - there are actual, finished, manufactured copies of the game - the most delayed game ever - in production, on shelves, and ready to ship. The stage is set for the planned June 10 release date to actually come true.

As we digest this stunning news, let's take a moment to recall how we got here, shall we? DNF was originally started in 1997, with a view to release, ooh, sometime last century. But for eleven years, nothing really happened, with release estimates first slipping and then being replaced by a simple 'when it's done'. It was only following the closing down of makers 3D Realms, and some high-end legal shenanigans, that Duke Nukem Forever reappeared in active, normal-speed development mode, and a release date of May was slated - which then slipped to June.

But now, the game which led Wired magazine to create a 'vaporware lifetime achievement award' is finally ready for its close-up. Can't bear to wait any longer? Here's a video of the Duke using, shall we say, one of the game's more unconventional weapons.

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