For the eyes of wholesome souls alone

Do you like your fruit and veg in funny shapes, covered in fresh mud? If so, you would benefit enormously by signing up for one of the most excellent organic fruit and veg box deliveries that are dominating the conversation around kitchen tables across the country. One such delivery service, Abel & Cole, has been a weekly regular on the WebTwitcher doorstep for the last couple of years (added extra: very cheery delivery men).

There are a myriad of local services, so a quick web search on Ask.co.uk will produce some instant results (the organic crew are down with their web, as it happens) like Farm Around, Riverford and The Fresh Food Company.

The Organic Authority is an excellent source of information and updates from the organic world. Being highly cultivated souls they even have a blog you can add via RSS to your MIX, as do the Organic Consumers Association.


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