Football fever

FIFA 10 has been shown off by EA at E3 this morning, and seeing as this year's iteration absolutely whupped the backside of Pro Evolutions Soccer's lazy, half-arsed attempt at a game of football, it's probably a good idea to see what they've got up their sleeves for this year.

The AI has also been improved and the new management system promises to be much more sprawling and rewarding than last year's; apparently new players will be spawning well past 2025 and is basically trying to make the move towards complete football sim. But what about the gameplay?

Luckily, the lucky chaps at Electric Pig managed to get a hands on look at the new version to what tweaks have been made, and so far it seems that it's on the right track again. First off the dribbling has become genuinely 360 degrees, so that there are now gaps in defences you can pick that you couldn't before. While changing direction while at full pelt has become harder to do, so good skilful players can made more use of their nippier footwork.

'This year you’ve got a totally analogue control system, 360 degrees dribbling,' said Dave Rutter, producer of FIFA 10. 'You can go anywhere you want at any speed, with skilled dribbling. To be able to allow players like Cristiano Ronaldo to be able to sprint very rapidly, stop the ball, change direction and beat defenders in one on one situations is something I think Cristiano Ronaldo should be able to do in our games, and now he can.' Sounds good to us.

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