Fly-on-the-wall accounts from the work world

Who needs reality TV when you can blog? You may not think that keeping a weblog of your daily activities would be of interest to Joe Bloggs, but, think again.

Some of the most popular online diaries are based around the trials and tribulations of our 9 to 5s. Take Random Acts of Reality whose slogan "Trying to kill as few people as possible" sums up the award-winning online diary of a London ambulance driver. Add the RSS feed to your MIX for (almost) daily updates. You'll never need to watch Casualty again.

Call Centre Confidential is a hilarious account of the daily life of a call centre manager: "Next stop Bombay". What of our beloved teachers and trusted schools? The Report Card tracks the life of a teacher "battling idiocy on a daily basis" and Tales from the Chalk Face is a humorous look at everyday teaching life. What an eye-opener, it wasn't like that in my day.

And finally, when you find yourself flipping out at the ticket you've been given by your hard-working local traffic warden, spare a thought for the dark side and visit Walking the Streets for a view from the other side. A very interesting read!


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