Are Flexible Smartphone Batteries the Future?

As technology develops, our gadgets tend to become smaller and more portable, however, one thing that hasn't evolved over the years is the general structure and rigidity of our devices. The invention of flexible smartphone batteries may be about to change that, however and a world of possibilities could be at our finger tips.

Bendy Batteries

Flexible is the future. One day, we will walk around with smart devices wrapped around our wrists like watches, making the smartphones of today seem cumbersome in comparison.

While flexible glass has been at the forefront of our minds for some time, flexible batteries garner less attention and it's easy to see why - batteries are a nuisance, adding considerable weight and size to any device that requires even a modicum of power. We use them because we have to, not because we want to.

Smartphones, in particular, suffer from their batteries' rigidity and although designers are always seeking creative new ways to get around that problem, up to now their achievements have been limited.

The exciting news is, a team of Korean reseachers have come very close to mastering the concept behind flexible smartphone batteries and they've achieved this by utilising flexible solid materials instead of liquids.

The perks don't just stop at extra flexibility, though. These fluid-like batteries are said to be faster, stronger and easier to produce, as well as more stable, marking a huge evolution from the products we're using now. Of course, this also means that they will be harder to break, which will be a huge relief for those of us with a clumsy streak.

The Future is Flexible

The exciting thing about flexible batteries is, ironically, their flexibility. Mastering this concept could see a dramatic change in every single device that relies on portable power, including laptops, watches and GPS systems. Of course, flexible smartphone batteries are the most exciting of all, offering us powerful devices that could attach to us like an extra limb. The future is flexible!

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