Fleshmap lists the most sung about body parts

What are the body parts most sung about by lyricists the world over? The eyes? The arms? The derrière? Well thanks to IBM researchers Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg's website Fleshmap the answer is now clear.

The interactive project was set up to examine human desire by examining three of the human senses: touch, sight and hearing. After analysing over 10,000 songs, the two boffins compiled a visual list of all of the different body parts referenced. The results were then divided according to musical genre.

As always, the eyes have it, coming out on top in Rock, Country, Blues and Electronica, with the hands clapping their way into second place. Notably Hip Hop is the genre with the most references to body parts. Somewhat unsurprisingly booty occupies the No1 spot with head coming in a close second, although it usually seems to be in conjunction with the present participle 'giving'.

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