Flashy stuff

Adobe has secured for itself a pretty sweet deal that will allow them to put Flash software inside chips that will be put inside tellys and set-top boxes, which means that web based content can be filtered directly through your TV.

This is obviously big news for what you telly can do, and while Samsung or Sony aren't part of the deal, they will be using Yahoo's widget platform fore the same sort of stuff. The technology is expected to come to the consumer by 2010, so there's somethig to looking forward to, if we haven't descended into civil war by that point.

Not only that, but Adobe are also looking to get Flash on the Xbox 360, an idea that Microsoft have been very reticent to come on board with.

'I don't think it is beyond the realm of reason that we will see Flash on the Xbox,' said Flash Platform Business Unit general manager and vice president David Wadhwani. 'It would add clear value to their platform. But the decision is still theirs to make.' Let's just hope the thing doesn't crash like it always does on my laptop.'

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