Best Flappy Bird tips, cheats and hacks for Android

Flappy Bird is a bewilderingly popular mobile game developed by Vietnam-based developer Dong Nguyen that is quite frustrating to play. To succeed at the game, you need to succeed at the repetitive, monotonous act of tapping the screen constantly to flap the bird, raising or lowering it between gaps in a series of suspiciously familiar pipes. Well, if you are losing hours to the game and constantly failing to beat their high score, here are some Flappy Bird tips, cheats and hacks for Android you can try.

1. Ditch the iPhone and play on a Tablet

You probably already know this, but you will give yourself a migraine playing Flappy Bird on your 4" display mobile phone. You will need to put the mobile phone two inches from your face just to get a better sense of distance between pipes. Ditch the iPhone and play on a Tablet. Bigger devices with screen sizes of 7" or more allow for better concentration and better sense of distance when playing Flappy Bird. The iphone 5 is the worst choice to play the game on, while the iPad is arguably the best.

2. Tap to a rhythm

Because you need to constantly tap the screen to succeed at the game, find a comfortable rhythm to tap to. Think of a good song and tap along to the rhythm of the song on the screen. This might help you bounce the bird successfully without having to worry about whether the bird will bounce straight or not. It might also help you stay focused on bouncing the bird instead of being distracted looking at the score again and again.

3. Aim better

The bird jumps about the same distance every time you tap the screen. Practice tapping and take a mental note of how the bird actually jumps with every tap of the screen to improve your aim. This is how you will achieve a high score—with practice and ability get a better aim.

If all else fails, try these handy Flappy Bird cheats and hacks.

Flappy Bird hacks on android

If you have tried everything and are tired of staring at your single digit scores, gain root access over your device and try these Flappy Bird cheats and hacks. Maybe the hacks will help you not result to pulling your hair out.

1. Go to Google Play Store and download a hacking tool called Root Explorer.

2. Download another app called ES File Explorer File Manager from the Play Store.

3. Uninstall Flappy Birds from your mobile device and then reinstall if to get a clean copy.

4. Run Root Explorer app on your device.

5. Launch the ES File Explorer File Manager and select Tools.

6. Click the "data" folder then select the "data" folder inside the first one.

7. Find the folder for Flappy Birds app and open it. You may use the search function to find the folder by typing "flappy."

8. Open the "FlappyBird.xml" and "shared_prefs" files.

9. Select the ES Note Editor when prompted, then click on edit on the upper left corner.

10. Edit the high score value for your Flappy Bird to whatever number you wish and then go brag to your friends about your highest scores they could never beat!

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