Five alive

OK, we understand: at this point, you're probably a bit sick of hearing about the iPhone 5. Apple's decision not to release it in June in line with previous iPhones has created a summer of ridiculous speculation that won't settle down until the damn thing is revealed, probably in September.

But while we long ago gave up reporting every little rumour about the damn thing, we did want to bring you these latest artist's impressions - because we think they might be pretty close to the real thing.

The latest image is broadly in line with the impressions put together by the blog This Is My Next a couple of months ago, based on leaks: it's thinner than the iPhone 4, with a tapered, iPad 2-style body and a metal back; it's got a sexy screen that runs from side to side with almost no frame around it; and, most interestingly, it's got an extra-large home button to allow for some multi-touch gestures off the screen.

That last bit is probably the least likely. Sure, Apple love touch surfaces on the Magic Trackpad and MacBook trackpads, but the iPhone has a screen for that - it's not clear it needs a touch-button as well. What does seem accurate, though, is that the home button will continue to exist, despite Google being expected to go in the direction of buttonless phones with the next version of Android.

So that's it: that's our prediction. Now we'll shut up about the iPhone 5 until we get a proper look at it.

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