Fitness of the future

Oh, the gym is boring, isn't it? Staring into space for half an hour while you sweat on a treadmill. If you're lucky, you can find one near a TV and watch CNN on silent (so as not to drown out the commercial dance music)


Wouldn't it be better to be outside? But ugh, the traffic and argh, the walkers and oh, it's raining...

Trust technology to provide the answer. In one of the simpler, funner tech demos of the CES conference earlier this month, Panasonic attached one of their Viera Connect TVs, which can access the internet, to a Nordic Track treadmill. You can run anywhere you like - through the streets of New York, up a mountain, or, as tech blog Mashable slightly creepily suggests, 'peer over at Bill Gates’s house while you sprint through his neighborhood with nary a security guard in sight.'

What's especially nifty - or annoying, I suppose, if you're lazy - is that the TV tells the treadmill when you're on a hill and the 'mill inclines itself appropriately. So that planned run round the Hollywood Hills to look at the stars' homes might be harder work than you thought.

No word on whether you'll see this tech in your nearest Virgin Active, but we think it'd be a crying shame if it was only ever provided for the benefit of sweaty, suited CES attendees...

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