First live demo videos of Google Android

The first live images and videos of Google Android appeared on YouTube yesterday. The demo videos are impressive with the Android's GUI looking like it'll be able to give its competitors, the iPhone and Samsung’s TouchWiz, a run for their money.

Google Android is a mobile operating system based on Linux, developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. It looks set to increase innovation in the mobile phone sector. Users will be able access any program from their desktop on their cell phone. The demo showcased Google Earth on the Android and it looks amazing. It has a built in compass feature on Street View which means you can never get lost again.

It's clear that the design of Google Android's GUI owes a lot to the iPhone but it's the potential for application development which could mark the Android out from the crowd. It looks set for release in late 2008.

Overview of the Android's GUI Street View on Google Android

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