First Facebook harassment case in the UK

This month the first prosecution for harassment via Facebook will take place in Birmingham. Michael Hurst has been accused of harassing his ex-girlfriend Sophie Sladden via the popular social networking site. It's the first case of its kind in the UK.

Hurst is accused of bombarding his former squeeze with abusive messages after their relationship had ended in tears. A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service said "We have prosecuted harassment cases before where people have sent letters, made phone calls, and even text messages in recent years, but to my knowledge this is the first case where a website like Facebook has been involved."

But before you go frantically searching for a shot of 21rst Century online voyeuristic vodka, Hurst's colourful tirade against love lost is no longer online. Both Facebook accounts have been cancelled - yes we checked. This is all the more interesting as Facebook doesn't give its users the option to delete their personal page.

But at least now we have the magic formula to cancel our Facebook accounts when Mattel finally shuts down Scrabulous. Just get one of your mates to write a few nasty messages on your Fun Wall and and bob's your auntie's live-in lover.

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