Firefox 4.0 beta online

OK, so you’re happily tootling along with your browser, thinking everything’s fine and dandy. ‘Sure,’ you think, ‘it looks a little bit rough around the edges, but it’s a solid reliable piece of software that hasn’t done me any harm at all. I don’t need to change it.’ Wrong. Jesus, it’s a wonder someone as out of the loop as you has even managed to find a tech page as good as thing one.

Anyway, get rid of your rubbish old browser now, and download the latest beta for Firefox 4.0, which is all whizzy and new and that. It has all sorts of features that your current browser doesn’t have, and it’s not even finished yet. Just think about how amazing it will be when it is completed.

So, what are these features? Well, for one thing it looks nice, which obviously very important, but it’s also coming correct with a new add-on manager, support for the new WebM format, improved privacy settings and crash protection, as well as a whole host of other whatsits and doo-dahs. Check out it, right this instant.

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