Firefox 3 release hampered by technical glitch

Firefox 3 was released yesterday with Mozilla hoping to break the world record for the number of downloads in a single day. But the release was hampered by a technical glitch when the company's servers went down in the hours building up to the release of the latest version of the popular web browser.

The Mozilla Foundation's websites were unavailable or giving error messages for users who wanted to download Firefox 3. While the servers were back up and running by mid-day American time, the technical problems will have been a blow for Mozilla's record attempt.

Mozilla's latest version of Firefox has a number of new features such as the possibility to store browsing history for three months while many of the browser's signature features, e.g. zooming capability, download manager, have been tweaked. With Microsoft set to release Internet Explorer 8 later this year, 2008 looks like it will see a war of the web browsers.

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