Firefox 3 release date finally arrives

Mozilla's new web browser Firefox 3 is launched today at 1pm EST. The latest version of the popular open-source browser can be downloaded from Mozilla's website and features increased security and stability and a redesigned book marking system.

Firefox 3's release date is expected to see a record number of downloads as users get to try out the real deal as opposed to the different beta versions of the browser which have been made available. So far reviews of the new look browser have been positive.

Aesthetically, Firefox 3 doesn't seem to be that different from its predecessor. The browser buttons and window frames have been designed to conform to the user's operating system while the backward and forward buttons have been redesigned.

Features which mark Firefox out from other browsers, such as the Download manager feature and the zooming capabilities have also been improved. Mozilla has spent three years developing Firefox 3 and it looks as if it was worth the wait.

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