Finns text their way to the toilet

If you want to use a public toilet in Western Finland – and let’s face it, who doesn’t? – you’d better have a mobile phone. The Finnish highways agency has introduced new roadside toilets along Highway 1 that only unlock if you text the word “open” to a central number (in Finnish, of course – that’s “auki” as far as we can work out).

The idea is that if you know your number’s been stored, you’re less likely to vandalise the porta-throne. It might well work – Finland does have the highest rate of mobile phone ownership in the world, with Nokia practically running the country and only 5.2 million Finns. But we’re eagerly anticipating the first YouTube video of a hopping, cross-legged motorist trying to work predictive text in temperatures of 30 degrees below freezing…

(Image: from tobias.munich’s flickr stream)

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