Finger Clicking Good

As the saying goes: ‘it's the simple pleasures that count’. Well, the same can also be said about social networking mega giant Facebook. Undoubtedly the biggest tool on Facebook is the status update, the definitive place where you can share with your friends what you ‘had to eat for lunch today’ followed up by a ‘when you flushed said lunch down the toilet’. To save valuable seconds on commenting on your friend’s lunch the new ‘like’ feature was introduced – click the ‘like’ button if you like their status – simple as.

This ‘like’ features has proved such a hit that during Facebook’s keynote conference in San Francisco yesterday, director of product Bret Taylor announced they are to roll it out to other websites all over the interne: 'connections between people and the things they care about will play as big a part as hyperlinks do today in connecting people and their internet experience.’

The initial roll out will see sites like ESPN and IMDB add the ‘like’ option on actors, films, sports stars and then share that information with your Facebook friends. Sounds Finger Clicking Good to us *like*.

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