Finding and using a Duplex laser printer

Duplex printing using a duplex laser printer simply means double sided printing. There are many different models of those printers available on the market adapted to your specific needs and available finances. If the letter ‘D’ is included in the model name of the printer you can usually safely think that it is a duplex laser printer. Even printers that are not equipped with this function can often be fitted with a duplex unit.

The duplex laser printer can be found in various makes or brands such as Canon, Brother, Lexmark, HP, Xerox, Oki, Samsung, Konica Minolta, Dell and plenty more. These cited brands are very well known and can be relied upon to produce good printers that will be unlikely to break down easily and quickly.

There are a number of advantages in being able to print on both sides (two sided printing) of the paper. Firstly, you cut down your paper usage by almost fifty percent and save space. You also save money since you buy less paper. Another advantage of a duplex laser printer is that if the automatic printing function cannot handle the thickness of the paper, there is always the possibility to manually print on both sides.

It used to be very difficult for the average PC user to buy a duplex printer since they were very expensive but nowadays the price has become more reasonable and if you are into a lot of double sided printing, a duplex laser printer is a good investment.

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