Finding affordable all in one printers, scanners and photocopiers

All in one, printer scanners and photo copiers are becoming extremely popular because they cut down on the amount of products you have in your home. They are also dropping in price considerably, but there are still some that cost over £200.

When it comes to finding all in one printer, scanners and photo copiers, you need to do your research and shop around to find the best deals. Shopping online will often help you to cut your prices since many companies will offer online discounts.

PC World is just one company that offers this. For those who prefer to go in store, it is possible to reserve the order or you can tell the store that you have found it for cheaper – they do a price match. There are many different styles of printer, scanners and photocopiers and different brands, which PC World stock. The prices range from £39.99 to £99.99 depending on the type that you choose.

Argos is another company that sells online but also has a store, and you can also reserve your items if you wish. There are many different styles of all in one printers, including makes from Epson and Lexmark. The prices are reasonable and range from £24.99 to £349.99, depending on the style that you want. Argos have a variety of large, business style combo printers, which are in the higher price range.

Maplin is a less well-known electronic store but offers a small selection of printer, scanners and photocopiers. The prices are competitive with other high street stores, such as £79.99 for a Kodak wireless all in one printer.

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