Finding a good price on portable DVD player for sale in Ireland

Looking to pick up a portable DVD player for yourself? These brilliant little inventions allow you to take your movies on the road, and are perfect for car trips, plane rides and on the train. They make any long journey whizz past thanks to their brilliant functionality, so if you're looking for a portable DVD player for sale in Ireland, then we know just where you need to look.

Portable DVD players are brilliant for any member of the family. They come with rechargeable batteries in most cases, and when you are at home, you can just plug them into the mains electricity and away you go. Buying one for a nice price in Ireland is a simple matter of checking out Tesco's online shopping site at direct.tesco.com. This will bring up the full range of portable DVD players currently offered in Tesco, and the good news is, the retailer has quite the selection!

Tesco only offer quality and cutting edge models of portable DVD player, with the vast majority of their offerings coming with an accessory bag or car mounting bag, as well as AV Cables and headphones. They currently stock a vast selection of over 40 portable DVD players and Blu-Ray players, with the cheapest priced at an extremely reasonable 60 Euro, going up to premier Blu Ray models at 300 Euro. If you've got a youngster, they even stock a special Disney "Cars" themed portable DVD player, perfect for keeping them entertained when you can't!

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