Find the best computers for sale near Broxburn

Where do you find computers for sale near Broxburn? We round up the best options.

Online - no matter where you live in the UK, you can order a computer online and have it delivered to your door. Many websites offer a custom built option, where you can select the features and specifications that you desire and have it custom made. Most companies, including Dell, can build and deliver a computer to Broxburn within a week. As well as being able to customise, other major advantages to buying online is that you'll usually pay less and have a wider choice.

PC World - PC World s one of the UK's major computer retailers. They have a wide selection of competitively priced computers for sale near Broxburn. Your two nearest stores are:

  • PC World, Unit 10A, Almondvale Retail Park, Livingston, EH54 6RQ
  • PC World, 1-17 Glasgow Road, Corstophine, Edinburgh, EH12 8HR

Ideal Computing - Ideal Computing offer a price match guarantee that ensures that you get the best possible deal on computers. They sell everything from desktop PCs, laptops and netbooks to speakers, headsets, memory and hard drives. Their nearest store to Broxburn is located at 78 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4HG. It is open daily, including weekends, from 9am to 6pm. For more information, call the Edinburgh store on 0871 7000 150.

Local advertising - If you're looking for a computer locally, keep an eye on local advertising - both online and offline. Websites like Gumtree will advertise computers for sale. Local newspapers should also have listings of computers in Broxburn.

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