Find out where to find DS games to download

Have you just picked up a Nintendo DS and you are wondering what games are out there? This venerable old system has been on the go now for a number of years and has an unbelievable back catalogue of games. Recently, with the launch of the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo introduced an online store for the console, and in this blog we are going to guide you through the new way to find DS games to download.

The DS online store is only available on the DSi and 3DS models of the console, but if you have either of these you are in luck. The store is downloaded by hooking up your console to the internet, and downloading the system update which includes the DSi Ware store. This online store is a brilliant place to download reasonably priced "Bite Sized" games that generally weigh in around £2 to £8 in cost and are usually of quite a high standard.

To view the full selection of games that are currently available, simply point your browser towards the official Nintendo site at nintendo.com/ds/online/dsiware. The games are paid for on the DSi by buying "Nintendo Points Cards". These cards are available from most games stores. If you have a 3DS then you will see the price of games advertised in pounds, so it is easier to see just how much you are spending. You will also have access to "Virtual Console" titles that DSi owners can't access. These games are sometimes rendered in 3D, and the effect is hugely impressive!


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