We check out where you can find laptop wholesalers in Europe

Whether you're a reseller, business owner or simply someone looking to kit their entire family out with laptops in order to stop the squabbling over who gets to use the family desktop computer at what times, we have found a couple of excellent solutions to your quest to find laptop wholesalers in Europe.

When buying in bulk, you'll be able to get the best rates imaginable for laptops, dwarfing even the best prices to be found online from the cheapest retailers. However it's worth noting that these prices are usually in a sliding scale, so the more you buy the cheaper they become.

If you're buying for your business or store, it is certainly no harm to buy a few additional units just in case, because you never know when things can go wrong or you might need a few extra devices, and rather than buying them later on at an increased price for a smaller order, it's prudent to cover yourself by buying everything you'll need in a single order.

UK Liquidation, based in Milton Keynes, offer a fully functional web based search on their website, and have some fantastic deals on new, pre owned and refurbished wholesale laptops. There are some absolutely stunning offers available on the site, including the HP Mini 1011EA netbook for an astonishing £70 per unit.

Alternatively you could take a look at the West Yorkshire based Light Computers who have been in operation since 1992, and offer you a service that you know you can trust. They've got an impressive range of laptops available for wholesale purchases, including the latest ASUS laptops for as little as £125 each.

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