Find ink cartridges cheap

Is this Ink Cartridge Compatible with my Printer?

Prior to searching for ink cartridges for cheap prices, you must first work out the make and model of your existing printer.

Look upon your printer's body work to establish its make and model before writing this information down.

This information is necessary because printer ink cartridges are designed for specific models of printers. You cannot, for example, buy any ink cartridge and insert it into any printer, as this will not work and can damage your printer.


Finding the Specification of Ink Cartridges

You can find the official specification for ink cartridges on the websites of the ink cartridge-makers, such as Lexmark.co.uk, Hp.com/uk and Epson.co.uk.

Navigate through these pages to find the specifications for each of these companies' ink cartridges available for sale.

Work out which cartridges are compatible for use in your home or office printer before you start your search for the best price.


Shopping Around for the Best Deal

Shopping around to find ink cartridges for cheap prices is achieved in two ways: online and in person.

Visit websites such as Cartridgediscount.co.uk, Whatink.co.uk and Printer-ink-prices.co.uk and enter the specific make and model of your ink cartridges to see the prices.

List these prices from low to high to quickly see the cheapest ink price for your ink cartridge.

You can also find ink cartridges cheap on the high street at stationers such as Staples and WH Smith as well as computer shops like Currys, PC World and Dixons.


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