Find an affordable Advent printer online

Finding an Advent printer is simple, and it is also easy to find the best price. In this article you’ll discover where to go to buy these printers, what model will fit your needs, and what to expect to pay for the one you want.

Where to Go

There are many sites where you can find these high-quality printers, some of them are:

  • Pcworld.co.uk
  • Preloved.co.uk
  • Pixmania.co.uk

What to Look For

The Advent A10 printer prints, copies, and scans. It is great for printing high-quality photos, and it has a memory card slot for that reason. It also has a 1.5-inch colour LCD screen. The Advent AW10 printer has the same features, except it prints at high speeds and has wireless connection. Finally, the Advent AWP10 has a 2.4-inch colour LCD screen, it also can be set up wirelessly and can print from multiple computers in the home. With it’s built-in memory card slot, you can print and edit high-quality photos without even owning a PC.

What to Pay

Finding affordable Advent printers is easy. At Preloved.co.uk, you can get a used Advent AW10 for £27. At Pcworld.co.uk the Advent A10 is no longer available. However, you can get the Advent AW10 on sale at this website for only £29.99 and the AWP10 for only £59.99. You can find Advent printer cartridges on this website as well. Finally, at Pixmania.co.uk you can get the AWP10 for only £42.90, the Advent AW10 for £24.90, and the Advent A10 for £19.90. With deals like this, why shop anywhere else? Get your new Advent Printer today.

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