Financial Times goes tablet

As Engadget sagely notes here, you know that the iPad is making its way into the mainstream once the stuffy old fuddy duddies at the Financial Times start paying for them for their employees.

The paper wants to encourage it’s journalists to get comfortable with the likes of the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab in order for them to understand the future of media, and mostly likely their jobs. It of course helps that the FT has an app on both of the above devices.

‘I’m pleased to let you know that we are launching today a new initiative that will allow FT staff to claim a £300 subsidy for the purchase of a personal iPad or tablet,’ said the top brass in a memo to staff. ‘This will run from today until 30th June 2011.

‘We have seen rapid growth in readership on these new devices, which support and extend our ‘channel neutral’ strategy. Given their importance and the wave of innovation that we are seeing in applications and services, we want to encourage all our staff to be expert and experienced in using them.

‘We need to fully understand their potential and share the user experience to better understand our customers and the developments and innovations taking place in the market. Tablet devices will also facilitate working while travelling, which is an increasing feature of our global organisation.’

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