Finally a useful Twitter feed

Do we have some superb news for you. Those of you who regularly play and love GTAIV (and let's be honest, who out of the gamers here doesn't play and love GTAIV, hmm? No-one, that's who) will be doing a little chair jig with the news that a second downloadable episode for the Xbox 360 will be arriving 'soon'.

They don't tell us when, but yesterday Rockstar said on their Twitter feed 'Details on 2nd episode of GTAIV downloadable content coming soon'.

Up until now neither Microsoft or Rockstar would give us any love about the second episode rumours (people initially thought that it would be called 'Blood and a Four Leaf Clover' and released this Christmas), but now that they've confirmed that there is something new coming our way, we're licking our controllers in anticipation. Make it happen Rockstar.

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