Finally a use for MMS

Bloody picture messages. We remember when they were first introduced, all those years ago. Nobody had a cameraphone, so we used to make little animated text messages with crappy clip art. Then we realised that was a massive waste of time.

Even when phones got cameras - and, later, cameras that took pictures you could actually see - picture messaging still felt a bit pointless. You're never sure if the person you're sending one to can get it, as there seem to always be technical hitches. It's not as much of a total waste of time as video calling, of course, but it's been up there.

Well, we may have just found a use for it. Twitter has announced that Vodafone, Orange and O2 users can now post pictures to the service using MMS. (No word on other networks, but we assume they're working on it.)

It's been possible to post text by SMS since Twitter was born, but for pictures you've needed to use email and a service like TwitPic. Nowadays, most people are happily uploading all sorts using a smartphone app, but for those of us still rocking 'featurephones', this MMS innovation should make things a chunk easier.

Of course, MMSs are still really expensive - as much as 40p each. So if you've got a data plan, doing things by email will probably still be easier. But if you haven't, this just became your best way of not just telling the world what you had for breakfast, but showing it a picture.

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