They say Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but the festive season has some competition this year from late Spring. The last two months has seen two long-delayed products suddenly appear - the white iPhone 4 and Duke Nukem Forever. And now it seems we might be about to see a third - a Facebook app for iPad.

The social networking giant's iPhone app is the most popular in the App Store, but it's inexplicably never provided an iPad version. Owners of Apple's wonder tablet must either use the main Facebook website, or Friendly, a popular third-party alternative.

But now it seems they're finally readying an app for launch. According to the New York Times:

People briefed on Facebook’s plans say that in coming weeks the company plans to introduce a free iPad application that has been carefully designed and optimized for the tablet.

The app has been in production at Facebook for almost a year, going through several design iterations, and is now in the final stages of testing, according to these people, who declined to be named because they were discussing confidential product plans.

One person who works with Facebook said Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s chief executive and founder, has been heavily invested in the process, overseeing design decisions and the app’s unique features.

And it seems the app will have some nifty iPad-only features, including the ability to snap a pic and upload it straight to your profile. And we can safely assume it'll be free.

Hurrah! One wonders what long-awaited delights will see the light of day next?

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