We love Gmail here at Digitaledge. It's our email service of choice. But it does have some really annoying habits. And the most annoying of all is its auto-saving of contacts.

Back in the days when we used Yahoo! Mail, we'd send a message and then be offered the chance to save some of the people we'd just emailed to our address book. Simple. But when we got Gmail, for some reason we found everyone we emailed - from friends to 'unsubscribe' addresses - just appeared in our Contacts by magic. We thought it was a bug, but it turned out it was, ahem, 'a feature' - Gmail just thought that was a good idea.

Well, it was wrong. It was a horrible idea, and our Contacts have been cluttered with crap ever since. That might not matter on a PC, but since iPhone and Android users have been syncing their Contacts to their phones, it's become reaally annoying.

Now, finally, gloriously, Google has listened. 'Most people like that Gmail automatically saves every email address you send messages to,' a post on the Gmail blog claims, dubiously. 'For some people, though, this feature can cause too much contacts clutter. Today, we're rolling out a new setting to let you turn off the auto-save option. You’ll see it on the General tab of Gmail Settings.'

Glory be! A quick check confirms that the option is, indeed, there, on the very first page of the Settings screen. Go click, and save yourself interminable Contacts tidying.

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