Fill your tubes

Few sites on the web have unleashed as much enthusiasm and creativity from the general public as YouTube. But until now, that creativity has had to come in 15-minute bursts, unless you're one of a select few 'partners.' YouTube introduced the rule way back in 2006, before its acquisition from Google, to stop people using the site as a tool for sharing whole films or episodes of TV programmes (at least sharing them in convenient single clips.)

Well, now they're taking the rule away. Thousands of users have already found they're able to upload unlimited-length videos, though they're still required to be no more than 2GB - but apparently that should be plenty for a feature-length epic of home cinema in the right format.

Why the change? Apparently YouTube's copyright scanning systems, where they compare uploaded videos to copies provided by copyright holders to look for matching content, have the piracy issue pretty much under control now. So the rest of us can cut loose with our 2-hr 9/11 conspiracy rants, 45-minute Lady GaGa dance-a-thons and half-hour political analyses. Wasting time on the internet just got even easier.

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