File under 'woah'

This isn't really a digital story, but it's a technology story, and a jaw-dropper, that you might have missed when it first came out in early December. Mercedes-Benz has a new concept car - one which, if fully realised, would be not made, but GROWN. In a laboratory. From SEEDS.

Each part of the BIOME car, as it's known, would be grown separately. The inside 'grows from the DNA in the Mercedes star on the front of the vehicle, while the exterior grows from the star on the rear,' the designers explained. Each wheel would also be grown separately. The seeds would be specially genetically engineered for each customer's individual requirements. (Green seats!)

We know, it sounds crazy. And perhaps it is. But they seem to think it can be done. If we ever hear it's actually going to happen, we'll be sure to let you know...

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