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So buses, right? They're better than cars, all fuel-efficient and non-polluting and not-needing-of-parking-space. But in a city that's already full of cars, how can buses get around?

One answer, a common one in most countries, is to set some of the road aside for bus lanes. BOOOOOOOOOORING! We much prefer this idea from China. Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment has asked the commission to build new buses for ultra-busy Beijing, and they've had the ingenious idea of making the buses run overthe cars. These mega-buses (or are they trams?) will run on tracks either side of the road, and tower over cars as it zooms along.

Details, such as how the heck you get on and off, are still to be worked out. But by all accounts this is not a concept, this is a real project, and the first tracks will be laid this year.

Makes the competition about a new Routemaster look a bit tame by comparison...

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