Fighting for consumer rights on YouTube

Ah the power of the internet. If it isn’t allowing people living under repressive regimes to broadcast their messages to the wider world, or helping people taking part in the democratic process, it's satisfying our insatiable lust for pornographic imagery. Three cheers for the internet!

There’s more too; beyond broader issues of freedom of information and gratification, you as a consumer can take a big haymaker at The Man and take back a little bit of what’s yours. Take Californian citizen Ann Minch, who got stitched up by the Bank of America when they hiked her credit card interest rate from 13% to a whopping 30%. The cheeky monkeys. Did she just lay down and take it? NO. She put herself on YouTube and complained, saying that she would not pay them a cent until it was sorted.

More than 250,000 people watched her video and lent their support, as well as complaining about their own banks . Guess what? The bank changed her rate back. You never get that kind of speedy resolution on Watchdog.

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