Fight fight fight!

Ah the iPhone 4, you’ve got to love it haven’t you? Or at least, you do if you love being told what you can and can’t have on your device by a internal nanny, keeping anything that might be useful from your grasp. Still, it sure looks nice when you pull it out on the bus, right? That’s the most important thing.

Anyway, the latest pain in the hole has come courtesy of its partners Skype, who have got the right hump with fellow internet phone company Fring, who have added video phone calling to their app, causing all sorts of ructions. Which isn’t really Apple’s fault, but we just can’t resist a cheap dig every now and again, and their whole app store thing is really rubbish.

Skype, who had been in a cosy relationship with Fring, have blocked their app from making video calls, and that caused them to blog that Skype were ‘afraid of open mobile communication’ and were ‘cowards’. Ouch. It looks like Fring’s Skype functionality is not long for this world, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Skype had a little trick up their sleeve (in the shape of 3G video calls, obviously). We’ll see soon enough.

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