Fifa 11 Xbox 360 review

Fifa for Xbox 360 has always been a huge title for the console. Pro Evolution Football has always been its biggest competition. In 2009 all of the bickering about which football game was best finally came to a close.

For years Pro Evolution had been number one to any hardcore football game enthusiast. Fifa seemed to be much more for the casual gamer even though they had all the licensing. Konami's efforts with Pro Evolution began to stagnate a few years back. It seemed that there wasn't enough competition to drive them towards a better title.

In 2009 Fifa exploded back onto the scene and reclaimed the top spot with the near perfect Fifa 10. This game prompted die-hard followers of Pro EvoLUTION to eject their beloved Konami disc and throw it into the trash. A new beast had arrived and a new standard had been set.

The following year EA released Fifa 11 and it improved on just about everything. Although it didn't get such high reviews this wasn't based on the fact that the game had slipped. It was based on the fact that it was a remake with added improvements. While this is true of all of the additions took the game one step closer toward the perfect game.

Great new features like 'Personality Plus' were added. This is where you can actually see and feel the difference between each individual player. Ronaldo will be light on his feet and skilful while Rooney will be heavier but more powerful. This feature really help to elevate the game again.

They also added player control over the goalkeeper. While this feature isn't 100% it is still fun to play around with and finally allows an 11 man squad online.

With Fifa 12 coming up we can only wait to see what they will do to improve upon a near perfect formula. Maybe Pro Evolution will strike back after the pretty weak effort that was Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. We can only wait and see!

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