FIFA 15 cheats, skills and celebrations

Each year there are a host of cheat codes available days after the launch of the latest FIFA game so it seems that players are just as busy as the developers when it comes to understanding the workings of the game and how to get the most out of it. Football is a frustrating game to watch at times and whether you’re playing on your local park or in front of your TV screen, it’s also a frustrating one to play but the following FIFA 15 cheats, skills and celebrations will help you make the most out of the world's best football sim.
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Career mode

Whether you want to get your hands on a lot of money to spend in the transfer market or if you’d like to sign any player to your side, the following tip will help you achieve that. Go to customise from the main menu, then edit teams. Then select club transfers, choose your team from the dropdown box and then press Y. Select detailed and then put minimum overall to 90 and you’ll be given a list of the 90 plus rated players, guys like Messi, Ronaldo and Robben are in this category. Select each player and put them into the same team. Go back to the main menu and select new career in the manager mode. Select the team that you put all of the world’s top players into. Change squads to current customised. When you look at your squad, you’ll see the mega stars you added earlier. You can either play with them as part of your squad or you can sell them to make money to build a better club. You won’t be able to sell them straight away, but you can do this in any league. Why not put Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney into a struggling side looking for promotion to the top flight?

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