The FIFA 13 highlights

The anxiously awaited FIFA 13 will be released in Europe on 28 September, 2012 while the game will launch in North America on 25 September, 2012. Demo FIFA 13 teams that include Manchester City, Arsenal, A.C. Milan, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund were released and many people said they can’t wait to get a hold of the full game. We preview key highlights of this new game series from the highly acclaimed association football FIFA sports games.

Sophisticated analysis intelligence

FIFA 13 boasts impressive artificial intelligence. Players are infused with intelligence that gives them ability to analyse space and work smarter and harder. This allows for more sophisticated attacking with players running into position that create passing channels for team mates as well as postilions that pull defenders out of position and open scoring opportunities. This sophisticated intelligence helps guarantee that no two FIFA 13 games will be the same.

Complete dribbling freedom

FIFA 13 gives complete dribbling freedom inspired by Lionel Messi. The game boasts ability for precise tackle dodges and dribble touches that make for fantastic playing. Players can face opponents and threaten an attack, hold off defenders for longer stretches and run with the ball in any direction under pressure. This dribbling freedom allows for even more creativity in attack and makes attack more lethal, particularly in one-on-one situations.

Total ball control and possession

FIFA 13 transforms ball control and possession by eliminating the near-perfect 1st touch control for all players on the pitch. This means defenders have increased opportunities to win possession back in FIFA 13 than in previous FIFA versions. Poor touches and passes are harder to control in FIFA 13, which also allows defenders to capitalise on errant balls. The velocity and trajectory of a pass and defensive pressures determine the success of ball control and possession. The battle for possession on the entire pitch is, therefore, more enthralling in FIFA 13.

Expanded career mode

FIFA 13 career mode is expanded and now includes internationals. Play as manager of your favourite national team and compete in major international tournaments, qualifiers and friendlies. There is more pressure and bigger decisions to make as manager. Excel managing your favourite team and secure offers to coach any national team. Play as a career footballer and excel at club level for the opportunity to get called to play for your country.

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