Fifa 12 to cost £54.99

Just when we were finished slagging off PES 2012, we get shocking news of a scandal involving Fifa 12: that the game will carry a reported price tag of £54.99. Quite what makes EA think that they can charge that sort of money for a franchise update is beyond us (well, apart from the fact that it will fly off the shelves, and we’ll probably buy it too).

What we’re not sure of is whether this RRP is for the standard edition of the game or the Ultimate Edition, which GAME and Gamestation have exclusive rights to sell and will include access to 24 downloads throughout the year, nor if this exclusivity also applies to online retailers. However what we do know is that we’re sure that hardly anyone will actually pay the RRP, as hardly anyone ever does – take that, The Man.

‘The FIFA franchise is always one of the best selling games of the year and we are delighted to offer this exclusive version of FIFA 12 to our customers,’ waffled GAME and Gamestation's PR boss Neil Ashurst. ‘The FIFA Ultimate Team gold packs are a fantastic resource for any gamer, allowing them to play with the very latest squads, perfectly mimicking real-life. GAME and Gamestation are offering football fans the opportunity to change any score for free.’

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