Fifa 12 gameplay video leaked

The first bit of footage showing gameplay from this year’s edition of Fifa – imaginatively-named Fifa 12 – has made it online, with a long video that displays just how the new Impact Engine works, as well as some of the new dribbling and tackling features. It’s clearly nowhere near finished as a trailer, as loads of the footage is in beta form and there is no commentary, only music from this year’s effort, but it’s pretty useful a guide to see how the new game is coming along.

Thankfully the new innovations appear to make a genuine to how the game is played, with players not just falling to the ground or stumbling along stupidly if tackled. Instead they react depending on the type of contact there is, which also means that there is even the possibility that the cheating block foul, which never goes punished online, will be outed for the unsporting, filthy tactic that it is, worthy of only the worst kind of rapscallion. Fingers crossed eh?

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